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About Energie Innovation

ENERGIE INNOVATION INC. - is a company that specializes in the supply and installation of reflective insulating materials to the growing market of energy conservation industries, from residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications.

- It all started for us in 1989 with our ASTRO-FOILTM product, which won a Domus award in 1990 as the innovative product of the year in the residential construction category.

- In 1991 we introduced a new line of reflective insulating materials, which includes our ASTRO-RINK low emissivity reflective ceiling. It is in this same year that we completed our first low emissivity ceilings at the 8 Rinks in Burnaby B.C. We have since had much success with the installation of hundreds of low emissivity reflective ceilings throughout Canada, the United States as well as the world.

- In 1992 we put forward a request to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to patent our product and in 1994 the government granted us with patent 2067683 for our innovative ASTRO-FOIL product and application.

Thanks to our many clients throughout North America, we can proudly say that ASTRO-FOIL has now become a brand name throughout the ice rink world and the number one supplier in low emissivity ceilings.


Robert Baljak, director of operations

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