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Thanks to our many clients throughout North America. We can proudly say that Astro-Rink has now become a brand name throughout the ice rink world and the number one supplier in low emissivity ceilings. More...

Robert Baljak,
director of operations


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Welcome to Energie Innovation

Company specializes in the supply and installation of reflective insulating materials to the growing market of energy conservation industries from residential and commercial to industrial and agricultural applications.

ASTRO-RINK"Your first choice in low-emissivity ceilings"

ASTRO-RINK - Low-e insulation has been used for many decades as a long lasting insulator. It provides a complete air seal, increased "R" value and negates the radiant heat gain with its Low-e qualities. These properties provide great assistance in the efforts to achieve an ideal environment in area applications. More...



Reflective insulation consists of two layers of aluminium foil laminated to the outside of two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene air bubble cushioning. These bubbles form trapped air spaces between the foil surfaces to give the stucture excellent "R" value. More...
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